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Classic Flavors- Start at $35/Dozen- (Subject to change depending on detail of order)

Also available in Gluten Free

French Vanilla

Our classic French Vanilla cake pop will remind you of that cold sundae at your favorite ice cream shoppe! Dipped in white chocolate coating with beautiful sugar crystals on top will be great a kids birthday party, baby shower, or any event you can think of!


Chocolate Cake

Ladies and Gentlemen who are looking for that PERFECT chocolate fix, here it is!  A decadent chocolate fudge cake that is sure to satisfy your ultimate sweet tooth!

Specialty Flavors- Start at $40/Dozen- (Subject to change depending on detail of order)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

This delicious concoction is your ultimate craving crusher! Dark chocolate cake with *just* the right amount of Peanut butter to bring you back to your childhood of your favorite classic candy! These are topped with a peanut candy and wrapped for presentation.


Carrot Cake

Winner Winner Carrot Cake dinner! My top most requested pops of all! Moist Carrot cake with real shredded carrots and golden plump raisins fill this delicious creation. Ribbons of cream cheese frosting running though to give you the satisfaction of the classic carrot cake Grandma used to make!


Red Velvet

One of our more sophisticated Cake pops, that feel good, homemade cake that we all know and love! We have Buttercream cascading all over this gem! You will not be disappointed!


Orange Creamcicle

‚ÄčThink back to the ice cream truck playing music while driving down your block. Grabbing that orange ice cream pop and licking it before it melts in the hot summer sun. We have a treat for you! Our Orange Creamcicle cake pop is the same old school flavor without the mess all in one bite! (Maybe two!)


Cookies N Cream

Remember that favorite cookie we dipped in a glass of cold milk? Well now you get to experience it in a whole new way when we add it to our French vanilla base cake pop for an unforgettable experience that brings you back to where it all started!


Cookie Dough

Yes, this is exactly what it says and it needs no introduction! Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cake pop will have you coming back for more every time!


Lemon Pound Cake

Spring is in the air when it comes to our Lemon infused cake pop! Light, refreshing, and one of my favorites on the menu!


Birthday Cake

You can't go wrong with a little birthday fun!! This beauty has a French Vanilla base with a gorgeous rainbow of sprinkles mixed in!! Fun for your kiddo, or even YOU!


Pumpkin Spice (Seasonal)

It's everyones "go to" for all the fall festivities so we jumped on the bandwagon too!! I assure you this will not disappoint all your love for pumpkin everything!

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