I first heard about Dani's Cake Pop Shoppe when my original baker flaked out on me making cake pops for my daughter's birthday party. As busy as she was with her existing orders, she jumped right in and helped me out with only a few days’ notice! She was not only fabulous to work with but the cake pops were delicious and a hit with the kids! I've ordered with her twice since then for both Thanksgiving and Christmas and received the same deliciousness on a stick. Dani not only makes the cutest designs but the cake is fabulous as well! Highly recommend!!!


-Kara G.

Dani was such a pleasure to work with from day 1! She responded within minutes and was helpful, had great ideas, and was SO easy to work with. Not only was working with Dani a delight, the cake pops for my daughter's 2nd birthday were absolutely adorable and delicious!! The kids loved them, as did the adults! They were so moist and delicious. Every aspect of my experience with Dani was perfection!


 -Mairin F.

Dani did such a great job with our 12 location-2000 piece order! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and energy! You made the impossible happen.


- Kelly L.

We had Dani's cake pops for my daughter-in-laws baby shower as party favors they were so adorable and cute. The adults and children all loved them. Highly recommended this shoppe, and will definitely get these again. Thank you Dani.

- Patty H.

Dani supplied us with around 100 cake pops for our wedding favors. They were a huge hit and everybody loved them! She was able to transport them over two hours away and they still remained fresh for our special day. We chose the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting option. They were so good! I would definitely order from her again!


-Jill G.

If you ever wanted to taste cake pops that are fresh, moist, and delicious, I had the pleasure of tasting her famous red velvet cake pops. They were delicious! If you have a vision or certain theme you want for your cake pops, she will create it with love!


 -Justine D.

I received  Dani's Thin Mint flavor cake pops from a friend while recovering from surgery. They made such a thoughtful and comforting gift! The flavor has just the right balance of mint and chocolatey goodness. They were so that everyone in my household kept trying to sneak them when I wasn't looking. I had to hide the final few to savor myself!


- Sarah B.

I met Danielle at work when she was about 19 years old. Danielle has an amazing work ethic. She's accountable and dependable and enjoys working with people as much as she likes baking in the kitchen. She has a passion for making delicious and creative cake pops. I am so happy that she decided to launch a Cake Pop business and I already purchased a batch. They were beautifully decorated and tasted delicious. Danielle's Cake Pops are perfect for all types of events and occasions.


- Nicole M.

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